Friday, December 14, 2007

India bad for Jaguar - really?

Disclaimer: I borrowed the title of this blog from the following article in TIME magazine (,8599,1694653,00.html).

Gotta love the hypocrisy in today's world. The world was okay with Jaguar being owned by Ford (which had extensive experience in dealing with luxury cars??) but not Tata or Mahindra. Sure, one could always argue that this viewpoint is strictly from a business point of view but isnt that underestimating the business sense of the buyer of the brand. If Tata or Mahindra wants to make a statement and buy Jaguar, why should anyone belittle them on their ability to run a business. Wouldn't they have independently figured out their chances of owning and profiting from a luxury brand?

As each day goes by, I see many examples of such cases, where the ├╝ber elite in the US are in denial about the upstarts from the Asian continent. From the self-appointed defenders of democracy and free trade, I expected to see a better response - a more worldly response.