Thursday, February 28, 2008

112 diapers and counting ...

Yes - he is finally here. Adith (pronounced Aadith) arrived into this world loudly complaining about being squeezed through the birth canal even though it took him only a few minutes from the beginning to the end of the "squeezing" part of the process.

Adith arrived three weeks early catching everyone by surprise. He is a cute tiny little guy but is very active and very curious about the new world that he has descended into. With each day, I think his lungs and stomach are growing exponentially (at least it sounds this way). It is amazing how these little guys can pack it away and then download it all into the diaper. Adith is averaging about 8 diapers a day and so since he is two weeks old now, thats 112 diapers and counting :).

As new parents, the first few hours are exhilarating. We are the proud parents of this darling boy and everything is new and exciting. Fast forward a couple of days and the proud parents are still happy and delirious but more due to the fatigue rather than anything else :). I must say that the feelings that you go through as a new parent is nothing like anything you might have gone through in your life before. In the first few traumatic days, the extended lack of sleep should have converted the new parents into walking zombies but it isnt like that at all. One look at that cherubic face and a mother lode of endomorphines is released into your system to cancel out the fatigue.

Friday, February 1, 2008

More musings on the cricket scene ...

Read this article. I cant believe how out of proportion the "Harbhajan-Monkey" episode is being blown up in the media. This is crass sensationalism!! Now we have Indians questioning the racist tendencies of Indians. Please - Indians suffer from a whole host of maladies and/or quirks but racism isnt one of them. The day we call preference for the white skin, racism, then we better call all the women in the world who want to be super-models, racists too :).

Harbhajan probably did call Symonds a "monkey" but I dont think he did it because he is racist. I think he did it because that is what needles Symonds. Calling Symonds a whole bunch of proper insults would not have unsettled him :). All these types of insults only unsettle the Indians (and the Aussies are very fluent with these types of insults). Bhajji did what any good antagonist would do. When faced with a strong enemy, find the weakness and go for the jugular :).

Disclaimer: This piece in no way condones what Bhajji did but in all fairness, he only gave the Aussies a taste of their own medicine.

ps: Here is a neat article from Harsha Bhogle that kinda puts everything about this fracas in perspective. I think I agree with him - the fault lies with both parties and it is best to learn from this and move on.