Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sense and sensibilities ... musings on the cricket scene ...

With reference to the incidents described by Joe in his post, it is really funny to see how this world turns. Heckling the batsman is okay as long as one does not make racist comments but one is free to use all other forms of insults. The Aussies certainly look like poor sportsmen for taking something that should have been settled on the field and making a mountain out of a mole hill. It painted them in a very poor light. Ponting's legacy will forever be tainted by these incidents. He will not depart the game with the same respect and adulation that Waugh commanded on his retirement.

Gilly's timing of his retirement announcement might have something to do with him trying to distance himself from this team as soon as possible. He was certainly one of the old school warriors of the Steve Waugh generation and would not have liked where this team was headed. But of course he is too much a team man to say this in a public forum.

Now on to the fun part - nerves of steel and a sound backbone. Thats whats new with the Indian team. The bowling has been a revelation and it only seems to get better. Pathan's back and so are a whole score of bowlers all superbly coached by a very underrated bowler, Mr. Venkatesh Prasad. With the bowling stopping all comers, the batsmen are under less pressure to win the matches and this has allowed several batsmen to flourish.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 - the year that was ...

Year 2007 - it is gone - part of history now. It went by so fast that it took me until Jan 1st, 2008 to reflect on the year. Overall, it has been a very interesting year although the start of 2007 was a little traumatic for me. January had me in a new role in a new job and led to some stressful times at the start of the year. But challenges are part and parcel of life and I survived to tell the tale. G3 got a new IPOD in February on our 4th wedding anniversary (isnt it amazing how materialistic we can get when I mention that the acquisition of a new IPOD is the highlight of the month :)). The month of May was when the in-laws arrived in the US for their first visit just in time to attend G3's graduation. She received a Bachelors in Computer Science from SJSU. June was when G3 gave me the most earth-shattering news - I was going to be a daddy in about 39 weeks!! July was when we all made a very nice visit to Niagara Falls and stayed at a gorgeous Victorian bed-and-breakfast. September saw the end of the in-laws visit and the end of various delicious dishes that were served to me by mom-in-law. But everyone was excited because the in-laws will be back in Feb,2008 to help with the pregnancy and delivery. October saw the introduction of Tarun in this world. November and December was just a blur because I was buried under a mountain of work but served to remind me that I must not devote so much time to work when the baby is born.

The year 2008 holds much promise for us. The baby is due in March and I cannot look beyond March at this point. My new year goals are simple: Make more time for family and loose some weight - not try and loose weight but really loose some weight :).