Friday, June 26, 2009

My second Father's day

To reflect or not to reflect on my second Father's day, that is the question bugging me this month. I suppose I should enthrall you all with my pithy comments and insights into fatherhood but I think I can do one better. I found this article while waiting for a build to finish at work and for more reasons than one, the salient points made in this article can be applied to my life ad verbatim. Enjoy.

Father's Day: Things I've Learnt From My Baby

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beezees !!

Beezees, Beezees - seems this is Adith's favorite word these days and no he is not a Bee Gees fan. This is Adith's version of the word "Bicycle" :). Yes, we have joined the biking nation. The Mrs has a brand new Raleigh 7-speed bike while I purchased the very slick looking Trek Allant. Adith has a very cool child seat on which he lords over the Mrs. directing her to pedal faster :).

I havent been bicycling for a _looong_ time. The last time I remember bicycling was when I was 16 and enjoyed pedalling furiously to go to school at Vidya Mandir, Luz, Chennai. I used to go from Besant Nagar to Luz in about 40 minutes - a distance of about 7.3 kms. Well here is the route:

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hard times are here ...

I seem to have very little time for myself these days given the tight schedules at work, the backyard construction project, and the tight schedules at home and so new posts will be few and far between this new year.

It has finally happened. The good citizens of US of A have elected a Democrat president who seems to have a conscience. But it remains to be seen if he can undo the damage caused by the exiting plutocrat. Much is expected of him and if the first few days are anything to go by, hope still exists for this land of opportunity. This small glimmer of hope is the only thing that is keeping severe depression at bay. Every where you turn, it is bad news followed by more bad news. I can now imagine what Frodo must have felt at the base of Mount Doom.

In all this turmoil, our little family has found a safe harbour in the eye of the storm. Our days are spent wondering what new trick our little boy is going to learn or what new car seat to buy. Adith is keeping us focused on his needs and wants and often regales us with his mischievousness and his infectious smile.