Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beezees !!

Beezees, Beezees - seems this is Adith's favorite word these days and no he is not a Bee Gees fan. This is Adith's version of the word "Bicycle" :). Yes, we have joined the biking nation. The Mrs has a brand new Raleigh 7-speed bike while I purchased the very slick looking Trek Allant. Adith has a very cool child seat on which he lords over the Mrs. directing her to pedal faster :).

I havent been bicycling for a _looong_ time. The last time I remember bicycling was when I was 16 and enjoyed pedalling furiously to go to school at Vidya Mandir, Luz, Chennai. I used to go from Besant Nagar to Luz in about 40 minutes - a distance of about 7.3 kms. Well here is the route:

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