Sunday, October 10, 2010

Camping in the red woods ...

Just got back from a camping trip at the Big Basin State Park. There is nothing like camping out in the woods for a couple of nights. The peace, tranquility, and the solitude of the forests is an experience that deserves to be repeated every so often. Of course, the same two nights out camping will make you relish those hot cooked meals and a nice soft bed!!

The two year old REALLY likes the outdoors. Even 2+ mile long hikes in the mountains wasn't enough to slow him down. He walked and hiked those trails like an expert and even waded in ice-cold pools (in his undies) and still had energy to play with the glow sticks at night. He is one tough cookie.

For the parents, it was a joyous occasion to see their child interact with the other children and play as GOD intended them to. No fancy toys - just nature. On the final day, the little one got up extra early and was rewarded for his good behavior by the presence of a few deer that wandered over close to the camp site. The little one got to eat his breakfast watching the deer pretty close by.

When they say car-camping, they really mean it. Most folks came lugging all sorts of things to the camp but we were totally dwarfed by the amount of easy-to-make food that was on display. The first were the heat-and-eat meats (like hot dogs and sausages in various forms and sizes) and then the more serious stuff like steaks!! The only vegetable on display was potatoes :). Felt really weird eating our simple variety rice items that the wife had precooked and packed when our camping neighbors were taking close to hour preparing their lunches and dinners.