Saturday, February 12, 2011

Borg Alert !!

It is 7.46am on a Saturday morning. I have just changed the diaper of the new princess in our family and as I sleepily stare into her beautiful face, it occurs to me that the world is slowly becoming a Borg kingdom - yes, when I say Borg, I refer to the race of humanoid creatures made popular by Star Trek.

Just look at the many ways people interact in the world today - phone, email, blogs, twitter, and facebook. With everybody having a virtual persona these days, doesn't it feel like we are slowly evolving into the Borg? One huge collective consciousness that seeks and destroys any other intelligent forms of life.

Yup, this is my pithy observation for the day. Live long and prosper!!

1 comment:

josephkam said...

Completely agree. I wonder how things would be without technology though. I think you give things up either way.